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I want to extend an apology to all of the fans of this site. I've had a complete turn around in my personal life, things I don't want to discuss, but because of this, I now reside in a house that does not have unlimited access to the internet. I feel like a slacker because I have been unable to be online as much as I would like. I want you all to know that I do pride myself on having a great site with great fans. I will try to dedicate more time to the site when I can. I hope you all understand and thank you.

Crystal, Site Founder

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Name: Donna - Facebook

Age: 45

Location: Bristol, CT

What got you into Supernatural?  I've followed Jensen since his Days of our Lives days and been a fan of SPN since day 1. I loved watching reruns everyday for 3 hours in the morning it gets me going for the day.

Favorite Character: The picture is of my dog Dean... obviously my favorite character! LOL. Although it was tough cause Sam, Cass and Crowley also hold a place in my heart and yes I have a dog named after each!!!

Favorite Episode(s): Yellow Fever and all of season 9, if I have to pick because I love them all.

What is one quote from SPN that describes you?:  "Family don't end with blood" especially seeing I have 5 kids!


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