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Blood and Roses – Interview with a Vampire

(FUNDRAISER DATE REVIEW) - by Crystal - March 7, 2012

I’m certain that every Supernatural fan knows who Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, and Misha Collins are. I’m also fairly certain that many of them don’t know who Rick Worthy is… and that’s a shame. Rick portrayed the Alpha Vampire in the episodes “Live Free or Twihard” (season 6, episode 5) and “Family Matters” (season 6, episode 7). His character hasn’t been killed off and could make a return at any time. Heck, even if his character had been killed off, we know that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to Supernatural.

Around a year ago, I became a fan of the show and discovered the Supernatural Twitterverse full of fans and celebrities alike. I started following more and more people and one of those people was Rick. After a discussion about Thai food, Rick followed me back. After that point, we would have chats about whatever topics we felt like discussing. Last September, I asked Rick if he would be interested in donating something to our fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He said he would love to donate something, but he wanted to go above and beyond that of a normal donation of an autograph. He agreed to meet with me at the Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention in late October of last year.

Upon our meeting, Rick decided he would like to donate a lunch date with one lucky fan. However, this fan would have to provide his or her own travel arrangements to Los Angeles. Together we decided that it would be posted as an auction on our site and the highest bidder would get to go out to lunch. The auction brought in $550 to our fundraiser. The winner was Judy Lozano and they decided to meet after the Salute to Supernatural Burbank Convention. When I asked Rick why he decided to donate such an amazing prize to our fundraiser he said, “Well, I wanted to offer something that was beyond a signed script or photograph. The best experiences I’ve had have been spending time with someone. I wanted to offer time alone with someone:  conversation, food, drinks, laughs.  I love that.” And when I asked Judy why she chose to bid on the lunch date, she said, “After meeting Rick in NJ I really liked him as a person. We hung out a bit and [he] was a nice guy and then we started tweeting back and forth.  I knew this would be a nice experience plus I really believe in the charity.  I have family with diabetes and have lost relatives to the disease so that made it easy to do.”

Their lunch date was on Monday, March 5th. Rick picked Judy up at the Marriott Hotel in Burbank at 1:30 pm. He wore a suit and tie and presented her with three roses. They went to Café Med, a great place for Italian food, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The weather was very nice so they dined outside in the outdoor seating area. Apparently it’s a trendy place for locals and last time Rick was there, Diana Ross and her family came in for lunch. They ordered wine, sparkling water, and pasta. Since they had just attended the convention in Burbank, both were famished as they followed the three rules any con-goer will know: expect little sleep, little food, and lots of alcohol. They had great conversation about a variety of topics. They talked about Supernatural which Rick declared the best show he’s worked on (cast, crew, and directors). He also told her that he had auditioned for the role of Crowley. They discussed other shows that he had worked on, their families, pets, other conventions, and just about anything else you could imagine. As Judy stated, “I don’t think there was ever a moment where one of us didn’t talk.  And that’s so nice.  I find him to be one of the easiest guys to talk to and one of the nicest.   The other thing I want everyone to know is how polite he is.  Held doors open.  One of the cutest things I think he did is he stopped short and put his arm in front of me.  Says he always does that for people.” When I asked Rick what he thought of Judy he said, “I found Judy to be gorgeous, sweet, charming, funny, strong, inspirational, and easy-going.  A perfect date.”

I asked Rick if he would ever consider donating another lunch date to our fundraiser and he said that he would love to do another lunch or dinner date. I’m working on getting the details, but if we work something out, you can bet you all will know about it. I also asked Judy if she would bid on a lunch date with Rick again if the opportunity arises and she responded, “I totally would but I have the feeling I will have competition now!  I think Rick gained a lot of fans this weekend. Honestly Rick made the whole con for me.  He came over Friday night bought pizza for a bunch of us and drinks and we just sat around talking.  He came back on Sunday with Buddy so I could meet him.  I do consider him a friend now and that’s really nice to say.  He is a very nice and generous guy.”

After interviewing Rick about his lunch date for JDRF, I asked him a couple of general questions. First, he had never heard of the fact that The Vampire Diaries would choose to do a CW crossover event with Supernatural. He said that if this were to happen, he would love to reprise his role as Alpha Vampire, but only because he would love to work with Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) again. I then asked him if he had any new projects in the works. He responded by saying that he does have something in the works, but he cannot discuss it at this time.

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