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Crystal's Story

When I was fresh out of high school, I decided I wanted to go into a computer-related field. I had always loved computers and was a self-proclaimed computer nerd. In college, I received an associates degree in IT Computer Applications with a certificate in Web Page Design. Ever since then, I have been designing websites or blogs because I love the act of creating things.

In early 2011, a friend introduced me to the world of the television series Supernatural. Using Netflix, I quickly devoured all of the seasons up to the live one (which I had recorded on my DVR). I got caught up just in time to watch the season six finale air live. By May, I was enraptured by the show. Because of my love for this television show, I met other like-minded fans on Twitter. I had the idea to launch a fan website devoted to the fans and community of Supernatural. After much deliberation, the Supernatural Fandom website was launched on July 9, 2011. Since then, it has grown to be so much more than I ever expected. I have had to hire volunteer staff for the site and its social media accounts on several occasions. In May of 2016, I decided to take the website down completely. I could no longer afford to operate the website, nor did I have the time to keep it properly updated. Our Facebook page, Facebook group, and Twitter accounts for the website are still active. Today, our Facebook page has grown to almost 26,000 likes, our Facebook group has grown to around 53,000 members, and our Twitter account has right at 40,500 followers. It is much more than I ever imagined!

Did you catch it? I said “our” numerous times when talking about the following of the site. That’s because the site has always been about community - a place for the fans of Supernatural to get together. Throughout the creation and life of the site, I wanted every fan to feel wanted and like they were a part of the community. Recently, I have been missing the website aspect of running the fandom pages. We had weekly chats during the live east coast airing of the new episodes. We had an event called the Ultimate Fan Competition where fans were quizzed on the show and the person with the most answers correct in the shortest time won a lot of cool prizes. We had events like Supernatural Secret Santa and our own, much smaller version of a scavenger hunt like GISHWHES. We once held a contest when it was time for a redesign of the site. We had about half a dozen people submit banners and the fandom voted on their favorite. The banner with the highest number of votes won and was displayed on the site for a really long time. I miss creating and supporting these fun events for the awesome fans of Supernatural. We also supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

I have met and made several lifelong friends because of the show. Some were invited to my wedding in 2016. I visited one recently when I was on vacation in her area. Just a few weeks ago, I attended the wedding of another of them. I miss having the type of website which can bring people together in such a way. I want to create the community and events the page used to have by bringing it back. This is where I need your help.


1. This is the first I've heard about a website. Is there a link to it?

You're on the website now! It was kept active for a period of five years (2011-2016). Unfortunately, in 2016, I no longer had the personal funds to continue operating the website. The site was taken down, but the social media accounts remained active. The purpose of this fundraiser is to obtain the funds needed to relaunch the website in its former glory with a lot of added bonuses.  

2. How is it different from the other fan sites?

I personally don’t know much about other fan sites, but what I do know is Supernatural Fandom was built to be a community for the fans. It had fun discussion forums, a chatroom where watch parties were held, contests including “The Ultimate Fan Competition” and a fan art/banner competition, a scavenger hunt with items similar to GISH but on a much smaller scale, and a Secret Santa gift exchange during the holidays. We also include a “store” of items donated to the site to be sold to fans with the proceeds going to charities.

3. What exactly will you do with the money you receive from this fundraiser?

We will use the funds received to purchase two years of web hosting along with two years of the domain name. We want to make sure the site will be able to function on that minimal level for two years. Once we have reached that goal, we will use a portion of the funds raised to run competitions, contests, giveaways, etc. If we receive enough money, we may also be able to offer free shipping of items in our “store”. Previously, everyone had to pay their own shipping.

4. I think the Facebook page is better because it notifies me and I can keep up to date. The website won’t do that. Surely everything you want to do on the website you can do on Facebook and it’s free!

While the Facebook page is amazing and we’re so thankful for each and everyone who participates, there are too many members and posts to do many of the events we want to bring back. Our posts get lost because of the activity on the page. Having a static place where the information, sign up forms, and anything else related to the event can be posted is helpful and actually increases participation. In the past, I have tried running some of the events we used to host on the website via only social media and they just didn’t work out. The website usually has a smaller active group of people so it’s more “intimate” (for a lack of a better word). Because the group is smaller and easier to moderate, we would be able to allow some of the topics which aren’t allowed to be discussed on the Facebook page. We currently have 10 moderators and me, the admin, who volunteer their time to help keep the page drama-free and enjoyable. At this moment, we have over 53,000 members which means each moderator is “responsible” for approximately 5000 people each. That is a lot of people and much harder to manage!

5. When the website is relaunched, does the Facebook page go away?

Absolutely not! All of our social media accounts were incorporated and used during the original website and we don’t intend to change that. We love how huge our following has become and want to continue to provide you all with the social media community you are used to seeing.

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